Tuesday 5 May 2020

A retired Paediatrician goes back to work.

So I’ve gone back to work nearly 22 months after retirement. Primarily in case the shit really hit the fan. The work has been challenging because it involves some adult care and a completely different department. It has been very enjoyable especially working with Sophie. This is her space and she has been very supportive. Pride isn’t one of those things you are supposed to express, but it’s amazing watching her in her professional capacity.

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Sunday 13 March 2016

Looking for an old fashioned portable record player from Grease this week

Grease "Bible"

So we are putting Grease on in gala on Thursday through Saturday 
Meeting today to finalise the book!
Central control for running the show.
Should be a great show.

Sunday 17 January 2016

Kuala lumps airport on the way home from a wonderful holiday with Sophie and Tom

Thursday 2 May 2013


Heh an interesting fact.I just read the blog again which was really nice.Lots of great memories.But one thing that I do remember is that in our morning monitoring of BP pulse saturation tc, many/all of us were hypertensive. Our blood pressure was high.Sats were good, lower than normal because of altitude, but ok.But our blood pressures, measured on my aneroid sphygmomanometer, were high.DuhhhhhThe sphygmomanometer was calibrated for sea level.LoveStephen

Nearly 5 years since Everest!

As predicted my blog faded away after the excitement of our Everest Marathon Challenge for the Cystic Fibrosis trust. Over that year we made over £110,000 for CFT and research has made some massive progress.

Unfortunately a "cure" is not here yet so we're at it again with:
"A Revolutionary Year for Cystic Fibrosis"

More later if I keep going.

Anyway I thought I would spruce up the blog, possibly to use with my twitter account to link on longer issues.

There is indeed an arrogance in the thought that anyone may be interested. Sorry!

But sharing of possible solutions to NHS issues seems absolutely essential.

We're doing great stuff but often others, with the same challenges don't know and they may have stuff that we don't know.

So lets see if I keep going and if anyone else wants to join in.


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Tuesday 30 December 2008

What a year!

So the year is nearly over and what a year.
Too much to list.
The Everest Marathon was mega
and then in the Great North Run I had a heart attack!.
Jodie alleges that I had chest pain on the Everest Marathon, which I have no recollection of
Anyway I'm now on old mans drugs for life.
Training again and due to do the London Marathon with Alex and Jodie so far but we are hoping for numbers for Suzanne, Rob, and Barry.
March 4th we are holding a celbration evening with bill Bryson at Durham school and we hope to pass £75,000 for the CF trust
I might try and continue the blog.
Presumably no one reads it any more
Love to you all and a Happy New Year

Tuesday 17 June 2008

revised blog email if it works

Monday 9 June 2008

Thank you

A few days have passed and we should all be fit and well by now.
The time is right, I think, to says a little something about our team.
First Barry and Guy:
I am immensely grateful for their friendship and support. 
This has been a real team event starting with training over the winter, our wonderful "calm" team suppers, the planning meetings and the magnificent work in organising the trip and puling in the sponsors. 
Pat, Lucinda, Hazel, Suzanne and all of Jodie's family and friends have been simply wonderful. 
It is the sponsorship and the difference it will make which makes it all worthwhile.
but it's the love and care of our families that made it all possible.
The trek will never be forgotten, the people, the smells, the sights, the sounds, the magnificence of the mountains, the bizarre and fascinating world of Base Camp, the never ending exhaustion of the run its self.
The rest of the "foreign" runners, our wider team, all different, but all with the same view of the world; it's here to be relished, to be swallowed whole, any-thing's possible and it's worth giving it a go.
Finally Jodie, real bravery, grit, and a joy in life it's self. 
This was no walk in the park, there were real risks, 3 people including one Sherpa had to descend because of Pulmonary Oedema and all of us experienced AMS to different extents.
Jodie is a fitting Ambassador for others who live with Cystic Fibrosis and she's a delight to know and I'm proud to call her my friend.

Sunday 1 June 2008

Gorak Shep 5190m

You won't believe how exasperating this is.
We haven't had email or phone communication  for 3 or 4 days.
We are now one stop and 2 nights from base camp and 4 nights from the run.
Our lack of communications has nothing to do with a lack of love on our part.
This is a blackberry generated email and it's in responce to my first batch of hospital emails since coming to nepal.
There is no agreement between any provider in nepal and T mobile.
So this is a miracle and is probably thanks to a chinese mobile transmitter on everest!
We are all well.
Various bouts of diarhioah, mild AMS symptoms, mild hepertension but we are in excellent spirits.
The surfaces we will be running on are awfull so stability safety and efficiency are our watchwards.
Anyone who says this is a run downhill will get decked
I can't wait to get to Namche Bizarre and our first of many pints.
We will try again over the next few dfays but love you lots and can't wait to get home love stephen
Sent using BlackBerry

These are just a few photos to wet your apetite for the deluge that will come on our return.

Our final day in Nepal begins

So a great recovery day yesterday.
By the pool in the Shanker hotel.
There were many Everest beers drunk but at one point I went off to bed to get out of the sun and slow the alcahol intake.
!8:30 came and we were off to Rumdoodles, a terreace restaurant in the middle of kathmandu.
Some story about a man climbing a bigger bigest mountainand Yetis !!
Almost all the foreign runners were there and it was an excellent night.
This morning I packed early beacuase a couple of us are going to visit the kids hospital.
Our plane this evening is 21:30 local time to Abud dabe then manchester.
We then get a train from manchester to see families that have been much missed.
Photos and videos to follow.
All our love

Thursday 29 May 2008

We all made it safe and sound

Yes Jodie Guy Barry and I made it down the mountain and we felt every hill as though it was torture.
But we are all well
We have had a hot shower and now having some food and a beer.
Photos and more details to come
but my phone has nevere worked
Barry's phone is locked and we need the PUC code from hazel
and Guys phone is in the wrong bag making it down the hill
Coverage for the last week has been non existant
We love you all and will see you soon

Base Camp

I am using a Japanese machine and don at base camp
Barry wants puck number for his phone from 02
We arrived yesterday and run tomorrow.
communication is impossible up here.
we love you all
more messages and photos after the race tomorrow
Guy, Jodie, Barry and I send our love

Base Camp

Friday 23 May 2008

Dinge Boche

Rest Day
a bit wet, windy and cold
but I was out of bed at 0500 and saw the sunrise
clear sky
beautiful mountains
Trying to do washing in the damp and charge things up( camera) at 350 rupees per minute
We reach base camp on the 27th all going well
No phone working and blackberry is still a waste of space
this may improve as we approach base camp there is allegedly a mobile Chinese transmitter.
I hope all is well with everyone
We are ready and up for the race but experiencing the normal cross section of challenges at this altitude 4,300+ m
deli belly
periodic breathing from hyperventilation and low CO2
love to all
we will post further when we can
and ring or text if mobiles start to work

Thursday 22 May 2008

Dingboche we're above the lower clouds!

Hi everyone!

We're Dingboche approx. 4400m, its been an easish day, gentle uphills. The terrain is all rock and no tree line anymore, just small shrubs. We've travelled along the river which is an azul blue, its so clean! All are well, internet connection is naff so this is going to be short!

Yesterday we had a hard days trekking up to Tengboche monastery. Barry was ill with a stomach bug, very fatigued. Guy also had a bout of illness but both are now on the mend and feeling bit more human! I had a hypo after lunch and had to be saved with coke and dextrose : )

Sat's/BP's and heart rates are all good.

Love to all
Jodie, Stephen, Guy, Barry

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Second time in one day!

So healthwise.
We are in good nick.
My spelling is no better as you can see.
Our pulse oximetry is good, as is our BP, pulse, breathing etc.
A few headaches and some anorexia but realy very well.
Around us are beautiful people who eat lots of potatoe but not much protein.
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.
Nevertheless they smile as we pass by.
The porters and staff are great.
and our leader Damche
The tents become progeressivley more dirty as do us and the kit.
I'm still not shaving despite some presure!
Suzanne will love it when I retunr for a welcomeing kiss.
Climbing again tomorrow and more stunning views around each corner indeed
"around the river bend"
Money is coming in from all directsions and that's simply wonderfull.
Thank you to vereyone for otheir support.
I think we are over the 50K but more is needed to help us reach the 75 k target tell your friends.
How about a trip back with a health team!

Namche Bazaar.... I'm in the clouds!!!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your comments! Amy wants to do the New Zealand iron man.... hmmm you might have to do something before I allow that and I'm not talking gym. Halo thanks for updating me about my little Sputnik! Dylan your dads a true himalayan man : )

Sorry for the delay in posting, there's been hassle getting to connections and when I have its been down! Were in Namche Bazaar (3410m) it was one hell of a trek up, a never ending spiral staircase it seemed! Its hard to describe how hard it is just walking up these mountains... I'm like OAP! Good thing is I can run down hill or when there is a slow incline. May sats are little low on the evening 82-87 variable, but there +90 on a morning. Blood pressure is good, it was actually down this morning at 70 over 110, thats good folks. Everyone else's sats are also fine, all +90, the lads BP's are slightly higher but nothign to worry about, its expected at this altitude.

Yesterday we went for a trek over the hill... har har, we climbed to 3880m to the Everest View Hotel. We did get some shots of Everest in the background but the morning dew was lifting and clouds kept passing over. The pathway up was yet another ending staircase! Once we were up though it was fine, a nice steep/sheer drop to our right : ) We went to the Kunde Hospital in the village. All quite sprity and high in spirits. I was a little hyper.. active and did a few short runs and jumping from rock to rock! The trek back was the last section of the marathon race... its horrific, basically a downward rock/soft dust slide! We're going to have to walk this section as its treacherous.

I know I'm going backwards here but its easier to start with the freshest events in mind. The trek from Phakding 2610m (which was the first stop over from Lukla) was some of the most spectacular scenery we have all seen (except for Guy he says, "I've been to Wales!"). We travelled along the river and crossed many swing bridges. Barry being a clever sod decided to run across behind me (I was shitting it thinking he was going to jump on my back) but when I turned he'd only gone and decked it! Funny as hell and luckily for him it was out of sight of Stephens camcorder by Mike standing in the way!

The food is now getting boring, I don't want another curry for a month at least (so no Lynn you can get rid of any curry powders your saving for me). A lot of it is being fried too, which isn't agreeing with me, even taken creon, but now going to have to take some lax : ) Joy!

And from Guy....

Hi Dylan, hope your reading the blogs every day and looking at the pictures. On Stephens blog there is a picture of a Yeti's head ( Google Yeti ) which I saw, so you can go to school and tell everyone your Dad saw the Yeti. But I didnt kill it.
The air up here is quite thin now so its very difficult to run even 10 yeards, you get out of breath very quickly. Most of the food is curry but its not very hot so you would probably like it.
I will call again soon .

Lou you'll be glad to know I have loads of photos, some are attached, I've even got some close up of flowers, using the macro function, I've also worked out the white balance on the camera... I'm becoming a dab hand : )

And from Barry....

To my wonderfull girls; Missing you all masses!, having great time thought. We're on our day off today so have come to internet cafe to do some blogging... May do little run this afternoon, depends on wheather. We've just uploaded a video from my camera on Stephens blog, you must have a look. Just had best nights sleep so far, 9pm to 7am. We've learnt a new card game called 'spoons' and its wicked! You'll be shown on my return, it covers all nationalities as most of the group play after dinner. Hope your all keeping well and coping without the man about the house, I'm sure you are! We move on tomorrow to Teng Bouche so not sure when we may get internet access again, hopefully soon. Love you all, missing you. xxx

And from Stephen....

So Massive blog from Jodie and a sentance from me. I can"t even see my own but I gather from home that it is working well so take a look. We are having a great time and next steps are tomorrow. Trekking to Tengboche. another 400m. The food is lots of vedge and potatoes and rice but very edible. Our saturationetc are all fine and we are supporting the run docs with pulse oximeter and loan of books etc.
Back soon enough
Love to all

Back to moi...

People at work... bouchy bow : ) Homeretta I'm gonna ricohette a belch across the himalayas for you ; ) Watson your a muppet, Ruth I would murder for some of your rainbow cake right now one more curry I'm gonna be dying!

Love to all will hopefully be able to post at our next stop which is Tenboche (approx. 3900m), we've had a 3 day rest in namche, with trekking here and there to help acclimitise. Sorry this post is in no order, time is money and I have little of the time side!

Love and peace out... ogggy ogggy ooohhhhh mwahahaha by the way the YAKS are FAB!!!


Mar love you loads. Can some one get a message across to Dad and Dawn, Marie to check out my blog for updates as I can't call from here. Dad if your reading on the rigs, love ya, you'd love this xxx

PS to all freiends far and wide you can add my blog pass it on as you will. I will be in touch with everyone when I get back. x

Guy wants to show Dylan something

Hi Dylan, this is a picture of a Yeti's head.
Google Yeti and it should tell you all about it/him.
It was in a Monastery in the middle of nowhere and we had to take off our shoes to go inside. Inside were a lot of monks and people praying.
I will call soon - be good!

So we areback on line!

Barry, Guy, Jodie and Stephen are in a Cyber cafe
Mayhem ensues

Guy wants to check up on his welsh rugby discussion boards

Barry wants to compress video which may appear soon

Jodie has lots of friends to catch up with.
More photos to come but this is our last chance to blog that is gaurenteed.
Lots of suspension bridges which are quiet hairy.

The wind makes them even more fun!

Kids are beautifull

Possibly Temboche and then base camp will have conections

I'm chilling out today but I think the other are going to do a trek and run.



Monday 19 May 2008

I can't fathom why but I can't see my previous posting but it appears to exist!
These are pictures of Namche Bazarr and our tents. The food is good but for me not my normal fair lots of veg!!
We arrived and the first night a fair number had some mild altitude symptoms. Guy had a headache but it was relieved by Brufen before he got some sleep.
But today we have had a days hike Teng boche and Kundi Hospital. We all did well.
Tomorrow is a rest day which is good news.
I can't Pick up my email so far and the blackberry is still duff but Guy and barry have working mobiles which is very usefull

I think Barry wants to read the blog so I shall sign off for now

May be more later



More from Namcvhe bazarr

Sunday 18 May 2008

Namche Bazzar

So we made it to 3,400 meters.
2 hours of solid climbing and then the rain came in!
It was cold wet dark and we thought we were in for a miserable evening, then the sun came out, real heat and Namche is beautiful.
Colourfull houses nestled in an ampitheater shape on the top of a mountain.
and this is only the start.
Our first taste of high altitude.
So far we are all in excellent form.
except that my blackberry still doesn't work!!
So Guy very kindly lent me his to ring Suzanne. I miss everyone but every corner is another picture and the challenge is exciting.
We will be back soon enough with stories to tell.
I even saw my first patient a 20, month old with a mouth plaques and temperature for 5 days.
I would be great to do a proper clinic here.
Sophie has been invited to do an elective here!
I went to sleep last night listening to Alex sing from the jazz night on the ipod and I can hear Ben whispering "dad"
anyway we can blog for the next 3 nights as we are staying put to acclimatise
Love to all
especially Ben Sophie Alex and Suzanne

Friday 16 May 2008

Lujlaq and the Himalayas

We're in the mountains!!! We arrived into Lukla this morning... the flight was brilliant! We've got some brill footage of the peaks as they appear through the clouds and the hairy moments as we descended upon Lukla airstrip! I didn't realize how steep the slope was or how very very short it really is!

We've been on a little trek this afternoon to a nearby village. Although the downhill terrain is harsh on your knees the uphill and the fight against shortness of breath is comparably difficult. Speaking of shortness of breath current results of O2 sat's = 94%, HR = approx 60, FVC 98%, FEV 99% at 2,843m. Not bad!!! Everyone else is good too, Barry is exceptional with around 130% for both FVC and FEV, O2 sat is 90 however.

Met a couple who have just returned from base camp there from Carlisle! Knew I recognized the accent : )

Tomorrow we begin our first ascent, about 5 mile hike not sure were... but its actually 100m descent overall.

Himalayas are breath taking... and were at the foot of them!

Love to all

Jodie, Stephen, Guy, Barry

We enjoyed and survived Lukla

Early morning rise
Assembled for photos and to get our bags into the bus. Short journey to civil side of airport
2 twin otter planes waiting to fly us away.
A bit boring waiting then on to the tarmac. They refueled in front of us which is not great health and safety.
Plane's at least 25 years old.
Easy take off clouds and mist all around
what would lukla be like?
A bit bump ride then bog mountains poking through the clouds all around.
We couldn't see where we were going through the cockpit
Thank fully the pilots could.
2,800 m therefore fats approach to keep enough air under the wings.
Steepish descent to the sudden 20% incline of the runway.
No trouble breaking and straight to parking bay!
They were only on the ground about 10 minutes by which time we were all out admiring the view and taking the first breaths of high altitude air.
We filmed next landing and take off. Guy was on the next plane.
Then tea hot chocolate and allocation of tents and an uncertain opening of bags filled with stuff we had not used before.

Barry and I are off walking in Lukla village,
We will blog when we can

Tell our beloved families we are all well

Jodie, Guy, Barry and Stephen

Thursday 15 May 2008

Day before our Lukla flight...

Hello there!

Today has been a day of events talk, tourism and swimming/lazing around. An interesting day and also a sad one. The people are really poor, in fact the poorest in the world and they suffer when tourism is jeopardised something we are privy to at present, with Olympics, guerrilla warfare etc.

Our chat this morning included the preparations for the trek/marathon. We actually do a practice run on our rest day (28th May) at base camp! Now that wasn't written anywhere in the contract! Tomorrow morning we leave the Hotel Shanker at 6am for our flight to Lukla... our first hurdle some may argue!

We may not yet be able to post on our trek due to difficulty finding a network we can link to. If this is so there will be lots to tell when we get back!

From all, we are well, keen and off to bed!
Stephen, Guy, Barry and Jodie


Hi all!

We're here in Kathmandu. Having a guided tour of the city, photos attached are from ritual open air cremations, in the background lies the monastery. Another is of Buddha and the circle which I will explain more of later! Will write more when a better source of internet access has been located!

We're all well and raring to head off tomorrow to Lukla to begin our terkking to base camp!

Love from all
Jodie, Stephen, Guy and Barry

PS please view Stephens blog as he is also writing things as I type : )


City tour, very hot

Guy is having fun chasing monkeys across the rocks.
Facinated by the smell of burning flesh, see Jodie's photos is trying to upload on the PC by my side but it is a very slow connection.
The bous sit behind and correct my spelling.
We are suposed to be seeing a relgious site!
Any way we are well and experienceing the best of Kathmandu
Barry is contempating changing his religion toBudism in the search for enlightenment
Barry Guy Jodie and Stephen


So we are here safe and sound.
A man at the airport with Everest Marthon sign which was excellent to see.
Amazing small van carried us from the airport to a different hotel than expected.
The Shanker good name eh!
We had a wander through old Thamal last night and found bear (picture should be attached)and some food
All the sights and sounds expected and then we slept better than we hoped.
We have a meeting this morning with the rest of the runners and the Trek leader. 40 to 50 foreigners
My Blackberyy isn't working!!!! and if anyone at the hospital can ask T-mobile why not I would be bvery greatful.
Though it may be a releaf to others!

will post again when ever I find a pc with internet.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

RE: Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon Challenge ..... lift off!

Fascinating stuff..looking forward to seeing the story unfold and will be reading your blogs intently Stephen.


Thought you might like to know that ‘Cfest@Shearer’s Bar’ is happening again on October 2nd…not forgetting ‘Cfest@theJournalTyneTheatre’ with Bon Giovi and the Bryan Adams Experience on July 19th.


Hope to see you…and many others..there!!












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Sent: 13 May 2008 17:32
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Subject: Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon Challenge ..... lift off!


So as you can see from the previous posting we have set off from Durham station..
The girls and friends made a maginificent effort to set us on our way, what with Lucinda's "band" and Pat's flags and banners.
Dave Wood came from the Northern Echo and took some great photos.
If he gets a chance we would love to have copies sent to stephen.cronin@stft.nhs.uk
Jodie is on BBC North East at 18:30 this evening.
The train is surprisingly small for such a journey and no coffee!!
Next stop Manchester Airport.
We'll keep blogging as long as the technology holds out.
Sent using BlackBerry

So we reach Abu Dhabi 0650 local time unfortnatly it doesn't open tilll 0700 so we had to cicle for while!
3 hours before Kathmandu Flight
Sent using BlackBerry

Tuesday 13 May 2008

We fly from Manchester at 21:00hrs
Barrys best efforts at blagging was unsucessful in getting an upgrade but we didn't get our bags weighed which is great.
Terminal 1 at Manchester is under construction!
And we had acouple of pints
See you in abu dhabi
Sent using BlackBerry

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon Challenge ..... lift off!

So as you can see from the previous posting we have set off from Durham station..
The girls and friends made a maginificent effort to set us on our way, what with Lucinda's "band" and Pat's flags and banners.
Dave Wood came from the Northern Echo and took some great photos.
If he gets a chance we would love to have copies sent to stephen.cronin@stft.nhs.uk
Jodie is on BBC North East at 18:30 this evening.
The train is surprisingly small for such a journey and no coffee!!
Next stop Manchester Airport.
We'll keep blogging as long as the technology holds out.
Sent using BlackBerry

Setting off

Sent using BlackBerry

Sunday 11 May 2008


This shoud be us May 29th as long as our acclimatisation goes ok.
Sent using BlackBerry

So Friday Night was the in the heart or the beast but with antibitics and immunisations we survived.
And I met 2 Sir Bobbys again. Great Men both
Then yesterday a wonderfull warm, relaxed, family wedding and the weather was generously perfect.
Nice tidy up this morning and now watching a good display of football Sunderland vers Arsenal. They are just so clinicaly deadley when they break through.
Work tomorrow then packing and a train to Manchester flights to Abudabe and Kathmandu before the adventure starts.
Later love
Sent using BlackBerry

Friday 9 May 2008


Alex Cronin

Lift of in 4 day

So its friday.
Bobby Robson do tonight in aid of a cancer centre in Newcastle.
Suzanne Cousin's wedding at our house tomorrow Recovery Sunday, Work monday the departure Tuesday.
Barry may or may not have the kit he needs
Jodie needs nothing, she apparently packd very lights.
We have had a trial pack and it looks good.
I' like to know if I can email pictures but we will hav to wait to find out.
Sent using BlackBerry